Specially For Mr. Galaxy Wu Yi Fan

I'm still here ..
Waiting for you ..
To tell the truth ..
To settle down the confusions ..
I know it's impossible..
But, i can't deny that i really hope for you ..
To came back ..
Together with them ..
Again ..
Just like before ..

It tears me down ..
It hurts me ..
I wonder why should I feel this ..
'Cuz you're not even mine ..
We never met before ..
Never know each other ..

I don't know what happened ..
I don't know what's going on ..
The only thing that i know is ..
I really loves you ..
And I know ..
It's not only me ..
Everybody do love you so much ..

You are the one and only ..
The only Galaxy-guy ..
A guy who looks really cold outside ..
But full of love deep inside your heart ..

Really miss your silly behaviour ..
Really miss your drawings ..
Really miss your caress towards your friends ..
We do really miss it ..

But ..
I understands..
We all understand ..
You have your own choice ..
And we know ..
The choice that you have chosen ..
Is the best for you ..

Every cloud has a silver lining ..
And because of that ..
I'm not going to stop you ..
Yes, it is really hard ..
But, if it will make you happier than before ..
You will always have my support ..
People around the world also will be supporting you ..

You know what ?
As long as you promise to be our Galaxy oppa ..
And will never let us go ..
We'll do the same ..
We'll always be with you ..

No matter what happen ..
Wherever you are ..
China or Korea or maybe back to Canada ..
Solo or Group ..
1 or 12 ..
EXO is will always be EXO ..
Wu Yi Fan will always be Wu Yi Fan ..
And no one can change the fact ..

Doesn't matter you are together with them or not ..
As we shared the same sky..
Same stars...
And same Galaxy ..
Our hearts still attached to each other ..

** You will never be alone oppa ... If  it's really true that you're gonna leave EXO .. I hope you will be still active in this industry after this .. You got talent bro ! Don't worry .. Just do whatever you think is the best for you .. We will always support you as we all love you so much ! 

May 17, 2014
02:08 pm

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