#WeBelieveInYouKris [Part 1]

** This is a NOTE i wrote on my Facebook **

[My Opinion - this is the real me writing this note.. i mean.. the REAL me who can think wisely without affected by any emotional thoughts]

i don't like to see Kris leave his group as i really love EXO to be 12 members..  ( i hope Kris only filed a lawsuit againts SM bcuz they manipulated himself.. but not to end his contract with SM )... 

But, in the other way of thinking... for the sake of his health or whatever reasons related.. If he wanted to leave..Then, i think he should leave.. It's a hard thing to say.. but, if it's the best for him.. i'll support him and i hope the others could understand too..... He's 24 years old guy now.. and i know he can think wisely, which one is good or bad for his life and career. 

For me,  he shouldn't stay in EXO & SM just to make us happy..( i know that is what an idol should be - make people happy)..  but really ? Let him the one who suffer ? 

We are not legal to be call as a fan if we let him to suffer because of us.. And based on what's happening right now... I think Kris  nor EXO don't need fans.. but they need FRIENDS. So, what if we become their friends instead of fans ? I mean, a fan is more likely to be a person who loves someone because of his/her talents, looks or whatsoever.. For me, fans are more to be one-way interaction. Different with friends..it's two-way interaction. We usually share our feelings or opinions with friends right ? SO, that's why i said.. They need friends right now. :)

Think about it. Kris need our support.. EXO too.. Well, maybe on their SNS, they blamed Kris.. but still, we don't really know..is it came out by their own willing or they're forced to do that. We don't know what was really happened. So, please.. if u saw their post... don't leave a harsh comments. They were in a hard situation right now.. Can you think, they might be in dilemma.. Friendship vs Responsiblity as an idol

Rumours that really attracted me was about Baekhyun had been slapped becuz he lied & hid his phone from the staffs, Kyungsoo been slapped too as he tried to defend Baekhyun and also Suho been kicked. (But, please don't easily believe rumours spread on the internet.) Yes, i know it is just a rumours.. But, don't you think it could happen because deep inside their heart.. i'm sure they really love Kris as they already work together as a group for 2 years. Like what we saw on Happy Camp, EXO Showtime, XOXO MNet, Behind The Scene video and other reality show or talkshow,  they looked very happy together.  So, i don't think they would be so mean to Kris because of this issue. Maybe they're shocked with what Kris had done, but to hate their brother or saying that they're betrayed.. I don't think so.

About SM, I don't know what to say about it.. But, i think they should respect their artist and not to manipulate them to generate income for the company only. They should proud and treat their artist very well as i what i can see, SM Entertainment have so many talented artist. It's such a waste if they abandon their artist and let them suffer slowly because of super duper hectic schedule and trainings.

Last but not least, keep supporting our Mr. Galaxy Kris and the rest of EXO members. We Are One right ? EXO let's love !

#WeBelieveInYouKris #StayStongEXO #EXOSaranghaja #WeAreOne


(Exostans/ Galaxies / Krismatics)
May 16, 2014

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