#WeBelieveInYouKris [Part 2]


First of all, i'm so sorry. Well, yes.. i'm gonna update about Kris again and again. Why ?
Because for those who didn't know yet.. He's my number 1 bias in EXO-M.

Everyone was sad now ( I mean EXOstans ) including me. I can't believe this will happen to EXO because they keep saying that "WE ARE ONE" which referring to 12 of them.

I am still sad with this news but i have to be strong enough as i have other 'siblings' to comfort. Well, i already 22 years old. The other EXOstans that i knew aged between 11-20 years old.. Basically i am their unnie / noona. I can't show my sadness.. I should give them strength to keep supporting Yi Fan and EXO.

Today, i sat alone. Clear my mind. Take a deep breath and think positively.

There is one fact about Wu Yi Fan that makes me smile alone today. We used to call him handsome-silly oppa, but actually he is a handsome-intelligent oppa ! Why i'm saying this ?
Ok.. I wanna share my thoughts about Wu Yi Fan. Something that made my day today.

Among EXO, he is the only one who "created" such "Galaxy-trend" . Well, yes.. We only remember that "Galaxy" because it sounds fantastic and cool.

But just now i realized one thing. Earth located inside Milky Way. Milky Way is one kind of Galaxy right ?

So, can you relate this ?



Still can't understand what i'm trying to say ? let me explain.

As we called him as Galaxy oppa, don't you realize that we live on Earth which is located & surrounded by the Galaxy (Milky Way) ? So, i can feel that our galaxy oppa will always be with us no matter where he stands. Same goes to us as we, EXOstans are worldwide ! Am I right ?

So, dear EXOstans....
We shouldn't be sad on what had happened. What would Yi Fan feels if he knows his fans are crying because of him ? It will make him more stress & sad. Do you want our lovely Wu Yi Fan too cry ? I don't want to see that !

I think we should smile now. I know it's hard to accept the fact. But, IF Yi Fan is not meant to be together with EXO forever.. We should keep supporting him and EXO too.. If you really loves him, you will let him to choose the way of his life by himself. As long as the decision made can make him happy. we should be happy too. Nae ~

The most important thing you have to bear in mind is, eventhough it is true Wu Yi Fan is no longer with EXO, he still part of them. 

EXO Saranghaja! Lets love ! We Are One 

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