EXO Official Fanclub Name : EXO-L

Annyeong !!

Yehet !! After a long wait.. We, EXO's fans got our official fanclub name !! 
SM Entertainment had officially announced that EXO Fanclub name is EXO-L which refer to EXO-Love !
I'm happy with this fanclub name. It seems like we are related and connencted to each other.

As EXO always said We Are One, with our official fandom name.. it shows that EXO & Fans are one ! Yeah ! Great ! 

So, what is your comment about EXO Official fanclub / fandom name ? 

p/s : i regret that SM Ent announced their official fanclub name only after Wu Yi Fan left EXO... :(

official statement : SMTown Offcial Website
source : Koreaboo

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