Annyeong everyone !

So, finally.. SM Entertainment has released EXO - Lotto Music Video this morning. Yehet !
This is so damn cool.. I know some of you doesn't like that auto-tune things. But come on.. It's not that bad cuz we all know Exo's voice is always great. I guess they only wanna that song sounds "something". 

By the way, in this entry, im just gonna share the most wanted item right now. Well you know.. everything said & used by EXO is definitely gonna be HOT STUFFS of the year ! hahaha.. 

" Lipstick, Chateau, The color of wine " 

Yeah.. i bet everyone wonder where you guys can get that Chateau liptsick right ? And from what i heard, this lipsticks itself is a hot make up stuffs in 2016.
So here it is.. i'll give you guys a sneak peek of this hot lipstick. 

p/s : The active ingredient is Sepivinol (Wine extracts) ... so, i don't think it is suitable for Mulims EXO-L (correct me if im wrong)


Photo Credit  : 11streetMY & StyleKorean

So where can you get this wine lipstick ? I'll give the links below. The price is around USD12 (apprx RM 55)

>> Gmarket <<
>> Style Korean <<
>> 11Streer MY <<

So, that's all for today.. Till we meet in the next entry !

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