Hello ! Anyyeong !
Yes.. It's Leen here .. Owh man.. it's been a long time i never write on this blog...
But today i will ! Because i am super excited to review & talk about this new song.. Yehet !

" What's so special about this English song that makes you feel like this ? I thought you're not really interested with western pop ~ "

Hohohoho.. It's not an ordinary english song my dear.. One of my top bias was featured in this masterpiece ! Yeah.. Park Chan Yeol a.k.a PCY was featured to be a rapper in this song.

I am so happy when i know about this collaboration last month (if im not mistaken) .
A collaboration of great artist ..
Far East Movement X Marshmello feat Tinashe & Exo Chanyeol..

The whole song is DOPE. I can't denied that.. at the first place, i watched & listened to Freal Luv because of Chanyeol. But seriously, the first second of this song changed everything ! It's not because of Chanyeol only.. Im loving the song because i love it !

Tinashe's voice was really "something".. It suits the music very well.. And when it comes to Chanyeol's rap part.. Wahhh.. i can't take my eyes away from him.. He looks cool in that MV..

The funniest part is.. i was confused for a while.. wondering that he was actually rap full in English or he litterally rap in Korean which sounds like English or vice versa ? LOL
But, yeah.. i can say that 80% of his part was in English
(which sounds like Korean for me.. kekekekeke)

Love is a high, we feelin’ alive,
you Lovin’ the size, 이 흐름을 타 (i heureumeul ta)
I give you more, you feelin’ the flow,
you never let none
of them bring down the vibe
Hustle to win, we be livin’ in sin,
makin’ us two of a kind
새로운 길, (saeroun gil,)
babe we got temples to build,
ain’t no haters can step to our grind
We got that empire mind,
함께 천천히 올라 (hamkke cheoncheonhi olla), (That be freal)
진실이 닿는 순간, (jinsiri dahneun sungan,)
느껴봐 눈을 감아 (neukkyeobwa nuneul gama), (That be freal)
You be the bank on my side,
nothing but dimes
Let’s make a deal,
서서히 필, 꿈과 현실 (seoseohi pil, kkumgwa hyeonsil)
내 손을 잡으면 (nae soneul jabeumyeon), together freal

Nahhh.. i feel like our Chanyeol really did so well.. I still remember when people called him as idol-rapper.. People said he can't rap.. He's the worst rapper.. But now.. he prove it that he can rap very well & even got featured in Far East Movement single ! Chanyeol Fighting !

 So, what are you waiting for ? Lets checkout their full MV now ! And tell me what you feel about it ..
Till we meet again in the next post ..


It will be available on Itunes this upcoming 14th Oct

>> Freal Luv Lyrics <<

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